Building IFSR as a Viable Community of Systems Societies

IFSR Newsletter 1997 Vol. 16 No. 3 November
In the course of recent years we have solidified the services that IFSR offers to its member organizations. These services have been offered in four areas.

  • SYSTEMS RESEARCH, the journal of IFSR, continues to flourish under the editorship of our Vice President, Mike Jackson. In the next issue we will have a report from Mike about incorporating Behavioral Science into Systems Research and increasing the number of issues to six a year.
  • Our Newsletter, edited by Gerhard Chroust, our Secretary/Treasurer, is also making fine advances in providing substantive article and in reporting on events of the systems community.
  • Reports of the Research Teams of the 1996 Fuschl meeting are available to our member organizations and four research teams are making intensive preparation for the 1998 event.
  • The IFSR book-series is growing continually to grow under the editorship of George Klir. Our Executive Committee met in July.

The most significant progress in the program of IFSR is expected to come about from the organization and work of IFSR committees. During our planning session in 1996, we defined the programs of the research and program committees. We expect these committees to commence operation in 1998. At the 1998 Strategy Meeting we shall focus on the work of the publication, community building, and systems education committees. We request that our member organizations come to the 1998 Board Meeting and Planning Session with ideas for the work of these committees as well as with nominations for membership in the five committees. Invitations for the 98 Board Meeting and Planning Session are included in this News Letter.
Bela H. Banathy

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