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Short description of IFSR’s member societies.

The list is still under work and therefore not complete and without errors!

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ASC American Society for Cybernetics [7]
ASCThe American Society for Cybernetics (ASC) is an American non-profit scholastic organization for organization for the advancement of cybernetics as a science and the interdisciplinary collaboration and synthesis of cybernetics. The society contributes to the cooperation around the research and development of cybernetics methods and techniques to manage complex systems.


GESI Asociacion Argentina de Teoria General de Sistemas y Cibernetica [5]


ALAS Asociacion Latinoamericana de Sistemas [38]
ALASLa conferencia ALAS 2008 busca fortalecer la vinculacin entre los grupos de sistmicos orientados al desarrollo de su pensamiento y prctica a travs de la aplicacin de metodologas sistmicas, para dar solucin integral a problemas globales, regionales y locales particularmente en los distintos pases latinoamericanos, en un medio que se caracteriza por su complejidad y turbulencia.The conference seeks to strengthen ALAS 2008 linking systemic groups aimed at developing their thinking and practice through the APPLICATION of systemic methodologies, to provide comprehensive solution to global issues, regional and local authorities in the various countries particularly in Latin America, in an environment characterized by their complexity and turbulence.


AMCS Asociacio Mexicana de la Ciencia de Sistemas [37]


AFSCET Association Francaise des Sciences et Technologies de l’information et des Systemes [11]
AFSCET‘Association organise des colloques, journées d’études, tables rondes, séminaires, consacrés à l’approfondissement des théories et pratiques systémiques. Elle s’efforce de diffuser l’ensemble de ses travaux auprès des chercheurs, professionnels et étudiants, par les moyens de l’Internet et/ou de publications papier.The systemic AFSCET represents the community with the French Union European Systems (UES). The Association organizes conferences, study days, roundtables, seminars, devoted to deepening systemic theories and practices. It strives to disseminate all of its work with researchers, professionals and students, by means of the Internet and / or print publications.


ANZSYS Australian and New Zealand Systems Society [33]
(ANZSYS) Register your name and email address and we will send you interesting info about systems conferences, books, courses, methods, tools, events, special offers, free coffee. . . in fact anything that might be of interest to systems researchers and practitioners in Australia, New Zealand and this side of the universe.


BCSSS Bertalanffy Center for the Study of Systems Science [41]
Bertalanffy Center for the Study of Systems Science
The BCSSS fosters research in the field of systems sciences and supports
systems thinking. Its operations are not for profit.It was founded in
2004 when a group of scholars met in Vienna to make an attempt to save
the Bertalanffy archive for the public that appeared in the United States
for auction. It’s an association by Austrian law. Its domicile is
Vienna.The Bertalanffy Center carries out or promotes research projects on
systems science problems
and organises or supports conferences like
the European Meetings on Cybernetics and
Systems Research
, lectures and scientific staff mobility; it sponsors
scholarships like the Ludwig
von Bertalanffy PhD Scholarship
and prizes like the Ludwig
von Bertalanffy Young Scientist Award
and the Ludwig
von Bertalanffy Award in Complexity Thinking
; it publishes the book
series “Systems” in co-operation with the School of Systems
and Enterprises at Stevens Institute of Technology and College
Publications, the open access online journal “systems. connecting matter, life,
culture and technology”
, and Research
; and it hosts the Bertalanffy Archive as well as other
inventories in the context of systems theory.


BSSR Bulgarian Society for Systems Research [30]
Bulgarian Society for Systems Research’s (BSSR’s) strategy is to attract
young researchers, to help their studies by introducing possible benefits
of systems thinking, to supply them with news in systems sciences, to
offer possibilities for professional contacts, information exchange,
exchange of visits, to help members to start joint research and apply for
financed projects, to inform on current possibilities for further
education, etc.


BS Labs Business Systems Laboratory [48]

BS Lab

Business Systems Laboratory (BSLab) is a non profit association for the promotion of research and teaching in the field of business and social systems. Our aim is to be a bridge between the business community and the academia.


CHAOS Centre for Hyperincursion and Anticipation in Ordered Systems [28]
CHAOSThis association constitutes a centre of international competence in the domain of Systems Research in promoting the applications of universitary Research and Development in enterprises. Its action will develop around different themes: Research and Development for new concepts, methods and mathematical, computational and technological tools in Systems Theory and Cybernetics. Of particular interest are natural and artificial systems for which self-reference and anticipation play an important role: neural network, cellular automata, expert systems, artificial life. This association will contribute directly or indirectly to the promotion and the development of Systems Research.


HID Croatian Interdisciplinary Society / Hrvatsko interdisciplinarno drustvo [44]
(HID) Hrvatsko interdisciplinarno drustvo (HID) je neprofitna, nevladina organizacija koja okuplja entuzijaste, pedagoge i strucnjake zainteresirane za edukativni, strucni i znanstveni rad vezan uz sustave iz nase okoline i napredne tehnologije.Croatian Interdisciplinary Society (HID) is a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization that brings together enthusiasts, educators and professionals interested in the educational, professional and scientific work related to the system from the environment, and advanced technology.


CYBSORG Cybernetics Society [9]


GfK Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Kybernetik [34]
GfKAm 26. Mai 1963 wurde Dr. Helmar Frank auf den gerade neu eingerichteten “Lehrstuhl für Informationswissenschaft” an der damaligen Pädagogischen Hochschule zu Berlin berufen. On 26 May 1963 Dr. Helmar Frank was appointed to the newly established “Institute for Information Science” at the former Pedagogical University of Berlin. (Almost) all literature sees this appeal (rightly) as the origin for the Institute.
Already in January 1964 two employees joined and began the construction of a teaching laboratory equipment. Professor Stone, a former Berlin Senator for Science and the Arts, agreed on 28 August 1964 the expansion of research and development put on (official high school), “Institute of Cybernetics” led to the chair holder.


GWS Gesellschaft für Wirtschafts- und Sozialkybernetik [12]
(GWS) Die GWS ist eine als gemeinnützig anerkannte wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft mit über 100 Mitgliedern. Sie wurde 1968 unter maßgeblicher Mitwirkung des damaligen Vorstandsvorsitzenden der Fa. Thyssen Röhrenwerke AG, Dr. Ernst-Wolf Mommsen, unter der Schirmherrschaft des Rationalisierungs­kuratoriums der Deutschen Wirtschaft (RKW) gegründet. Die Absicht war, in der GWS Spitzenmanager und Wissenschaftler, die an der Erörterung und Fortentwicklung wirtschafts-kybernetischer Problemstellungen interessiert sind, zusammenzuführen.The GWS is a recognized non-profit scientific society with over 100 members. It was founded in 1968, with substantial involvement of the then CEO of the company Thyssen Röhrenwerke AG, Dr. Ernst Wolf Mommsen, under the auspices of the rationalization Committee of German Industry (RKW). The intention was to bring together in the GWS top managers and scientists who are interested in the discussion and development of cybernetic economic problems.


GIFT Global Institute of Flexible Systems Management [32]
GIFTGIFT is a registered society for promoting Flexibility as a concept. The need of GIFT felt because continuously changing economic and technological scenario is posing newer challenges to manage the emerging situations, and thus, requiring newer paradigm to match with the reality more effectively. The emerging management issues signify change, complexity and multiplicity demanding high degree of responsiveness, adaptability and openness in management. A radical change is taking place in management thought shattering the older paradigms leading to evolution of a new management paradigm. Though apparently all the emerging approaches are different, the bottom line is flexibility. In order to enrich the management paradigm to meet the current reality and the challenges of the new millennium a pressing need was felt by various management professionals to have a common forum for interactive participation and learning .This professional body has been created to meet such a challenge.


GSS Greek Systems Society [14]
(no logo)


GIROS Groupe d’Intervention et de Recherche en Organisation des Systèmes [50]
Créé en 2000, la dynamique des activités de G.I.R.O.S repose sur une approche systémique originale développée par Andrée Piecq depuis plus de 20 ans “Les 12 principes directeurs des systèmes ©” et “l’Evaluation circulaire ©”.Cette approche permet :D’accéder, d’étudier la structure des organisations (systèmes) ;
De diagnostiquer leur type de fonctionnement ;
De repérer les étapes essentielles de leur développement ;
De piloter l’évolution de l’organisation, c’est-à-dire de faire face au changement.Les activités de G.I.R.O.S. sont l’intervention, la formation, l’accompagnement, la recherche.Established in 2000, the dynamic activities GIROS based on an original systemic approach developed by Andree Piecq for over 20 years “The 12 principles of systems ©” and “circular © Evaluation”.This approach allows:To have access, to study the structure of organizations (systems);
Diagnose the type of operation;
Identify critical stages of their development;
To drive the evolution of the organization, that is to say, to cope with change.Activities G.I.R.O.S. are intervention, training, support and research.


HPSSS Hai Phong Systems Science Society [53]
(no logo) The HPSSS aims to:
 Continue to implement the action plans and successful outcomes of the 57th World Conference of the International Society for the Systems Sciences (ISSS) in Haiphong from 14-19 July 2013
 Develop systems science in Haiphong City
 Apply systems thinking and systems tools in the development and management of Haiphong City
 Introduce and extend systems thinking and its application to other cities and provinces in Vietnam
 Collaborate with international experts in the systems field and other members of the IFSR


HvF Heinz von Foerster-Gesellschaft [42]
(HvF) Der Verein, dessen Tätigkeit nicht auf Gewinn gerichtet ist, bezweckt die Auseinandersetzung mit und Verbreitung und Weiterentwicklung von Ideen des Konstruktivismus, vor allem auf der Grundlage der Beschäftigung mit dem Lebenswerk von Heinz von Foerster und dessen wissenschaftlichem Umfeld.The association, whose activities are not for profit, the confrontation with the purpose and dissemination and development of ideas of constructivism, especially based on the study of the life’s work of Heinz von Foerster and his scientific environment.


HSSS Hellenic Society for Systemic Studies [36]
HSSSThe Hellenic Society for Systemic Studies (HSSS) is a new scientific non-profit society whose main goal is to advance and to spread out the Systemic Studies with the development of theoretical systemic approaches which they will be applicable to more than one of the traditional departments of knowledge through the use but also through the development of internationally accepted methodologies – multimethodologies, and to establish the expertise of Systemic Analyst in Greece in the universities, the banking environment, the organizations and generally in enterprises.


INSTICC Institute for Systems and Technologies of Information, Control and Communication [55]
INSTICC is the Institute for Systems and Technologies of Information, Control and Communication, a scientific, non-profit, association whose main goals are to serve the international scientific community by promoting, developing and disseminating knowledge in the areas of information systems and technologies, control and communications.


ISCE Institute for the Study of Coherence and Emergence [51]
The Institute for the Study of Coherence and Emergence (ISCE) was founded in 1999 to facilitate the conversation between academics and practitioners regarding the implications of complexity thinking for the management of organizations. To support this aim ISCE organizes a variety of events, sponsors the international trans-disciplinary journal, Emergence: Complexity and Organizations (formerly known as Emergence), or simply, E:CO, supports an ongoing book series, and conducts research.


IAS Instituto Andino de Sistemas [26]
IASEl instituto Andino de Sistemas, IAS, es una organización científica y cultural privada, dedicada al estudio e investigación, difusión, enseñanza y aplicación de conceptos, técnicas, métodos y metodologías relacionados con el Enfoque de Sistemas y sus ramas afines (Computación, Informática, Telemática), teniendo como ámbito principal de trabajo a la región andina y el contexto cultural latinoamericano.The Andean Institute of Systems, IAS, is a private cultural and scientific organization dedicated to the study and research, dissemination, teaching and application of concepts, techniques, methods and methodologies related to the systems approach and its related branches (Computing, Information, Telematics), with the main work area to the Andean and Latin American cultural context.


INCOSE International Council on Systems Engineering [46]
INCOSEThe International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) is a not-for-profit membership organization dedicated to the advancement of systems engineering and to raise the professional stature of systems engineers. Our mission is to share, promote and advance the best of systems engineering from across the globe for the benefit of humanity and the planet.


IIGG International Institute Galileo Galilei [45]


IIIS International Institute of Informatics and Systemics [39]
IIISThe International Institute of Informatics and Systemics (IIIS) is a multi-disciplinary organization for inter-disciplinary communication and integration. Consequently, a main purpose of the IIIS is to foster knowledge integration processes, interdisciplinary communication, and integration of academic Activities. Based on 1) the trandisciplinarity of the systemic approach along with its essential characteristic of emphasizing relationships and integrating processes, and 2) on the multi-disciplinary support of cybernetics’ and informatics’ concepts, notions, theories, technologies, and tools, the IIIS has been organizing multi-disciplinary conferences as a platform for fostering inter-disciplinary communication and knowledge integration processes.


ISKSS International Society for Knowledge and Systems Sciences [35]
ISKSSThe International Society for Knowledge and Systems Sciences is a non-profit, technical professional association. The overall purpose is to promote development of knowledge science and systems science, as well as collaboration between both of two sciences. It further seeks to encourage research and facilitate communication between and among scientists and professionals from various disciplines and professions at local, regional, national, and international levels.


ISSS International Society for the Systems Sciences [3]
International Society for Systems Science
The initial purpose of the International Society for the Systems
Sciences (ISSS) is “to encourage the development of theoretical systems
which are applicable to more than one of the traditional departments of


RC51 / ISA Research Committee 51 on Sociocybernetics / ISA International Sociological Association [40]
RC51The Research Committee 51 (RC51) of the International Sociological Association (ISA) is one of the more than fifty Research Committees which, along with a large number of national sociological associations, constitute the ISA.


ISI International Systems Institute [4]
(ISI) T(The) International Systems Institute (ISI). ISI is a community of scholars, practitioners, consultants, change professionals, and institutions exploring the question of how individuals, organizations, communities, and societies can collaboratively create their futures through a relatively new kind of inquiry and way of life called participatory social systems design.


JASESS Japan Association for Social and Economic Systems Studies [31]
(JASESS) ?With conducting research system related to events and economic society, through communication and mutual research results of the researchers involved in these studies, the Society, that contribute to the establishment of a systematic study of research social and economic systems intended.The aim of the Society is to conduct systems research about wide areas of social and
economic phenomena. Also, through publishing academic research findings and mutual communications of the Society members, the Society helps establishing the academic discipline of social and economic systems studies.


no acronym Learned Society of Praxiology [16]
no description


MALIK Malik Institut [57]
Malik Institute aims to:

  • Collaborate with international experts in the systems field and other members of the IFSR
  • Apply systems thinking and systems tools in education, training, research
  • Accelerate the intelligence, creativity, expertise, and experience of all people involved in solving any big and complex problems
  • Make a contribution to the functioning of organizations and a functioning and humane society Governance


MSSI / CBA Management Science Society of Ireland (MSSI) [29]
(MSSI) MSSI acts as a node in a network that links Ireland to international activities in Analytics, Management Science, Operations (Operational) Research, Systems Science and Decision Science. The CBA (previously known as the Centre for Management Science and Systems) incorporates a cross-section of disciplines associated with Management Science, Operations Research, Systems Science and Decision Support Systems. Our main aim is to facilitate the development of, and provide ongoing support for, an internationally recognised, UCD-based community of researchers whose work focuses on: decision-making: its structures, modelling, and realisation in practice. The CBA aims to lead research in management science, decision science, decision support systems and systems science in Ireland.


METAPHORUM Metaphorum Group [47]
(METAPHORUM) The Metaphorum group was set up in 2003 to develop Stafford Beer’s legacy in Organizational Cybernetics.


OSGK Österreichische Studiengesellschaft für Kybernetik / Austrian Society for Cybernetic Studies [1]
No Logo The Austrian Society for Cybernetic Studies is a non-profit organization of scientists and practitioners. It was founded in 1969. Its aims are “the study of the theoretical bases of cybernetics and its special fields, the investigation of its applications on technical, economic and social problems, its relations to problems studied in the natural sciences and the humanities; furthermore, the education in the methods of cybernetics and its technical aids, especially in electronic data processing; finally, the advancement of interdisciplinary studies, and the representation of Austria in international organizations.


(No Acronym) Pentagram Research Centre Private Limited [43]
Pentagram Research Centre Private LimitedPentagram Research is dedicated to providing institutions, industries and research laboratories with comprehensive range of open-ended solutions in most of the areas related to Information Technology.


SDSR Slovenian Society for Systems Research [25]
SDSRInstitut za podjetnistvo in management malih podjetij (IPMMP) je enota v okviru Ekonomsko – poslovne fakultete UM, ki je specializiran za raziskovanje, poucevanje in svetovanje na podrocju podjetnistva in managementa malih podjetij.Institute for Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management (IPMMP) is a unit within the Economic – UM Business School , which is specialized in researching, teaching and consulting in the field of entrepreneurship and small business management.


SESGE Sociedad Espanola de Sistemas Generales [13]
SESGENo Description


SGN Systeemgroep Nederland / Dutch Systems Group [2]
SGNDe Systeemgroep Nederland is een vereniging die zich toelegt op de systeemtheorie en haar toepassingen.
The System Group Netherlands is an association dedicated to the systems theory and its applications.The Dutch Systemsgroup (Systeemgroep Nederland or SGN)) aims to support the development of systems theory as a medium for communication between scientific disciplines and between science, technology and society about processes of technological innovation and social renewal. Bi-annually a ‘Problems of…’ conference is organised with the support of the SGN in Amsterdam, and the Proceedings are published in the Journal of the Systeemgroep Nederland ‘Systemica’. The next conference, which is already the twelfth in the series, will take place in April 2001. The theme will be announced soon, so watch our website. Included in the membership package is a subscription to Systems Research and Behavioural Sciences, the IFSR journal. Further activities are mainly organised by members themselves. The language is usually Dutch, but also depending on topics and interest of contributors.


SDS System Dynamics Society [58] System Dynamics Society is an international, nonprofit organization devoted to encouraging the development and use of System Dynamics and systems thinking around the world. The Society provides a forum in which researchers, educators, students, consultants and practitioners in the academic, corporate and public sectors interact to keep abreast of current developments, build on each other’s work and introduce newcomers to the field. Their constituency is international, multi-faceted and diverse, affording members numerous occasions to build both local and international associations. With members in over 75 countries, the System Dynamics Society provides a strong, unified voice supporting the advancement of System Dynamics.


S&O Systèmes & Organisations ASBL [52]
Membre Belge de l’Union Européenne de SystémiqueLa prise de conscience de la complexité de la société dans lequel nous vivons exacerbe le besoin de trouver des outils, des méthodes, une épistémologie qui permette de comprendre le fonctionnement des phénomènes qui nous entoure et ainsi pouvoir agir.Systèmes et Organisations -S&O- est une association créée en janvier 2006, qui rassemble des systémiciens d’horizons transdisciplinaires, multidisciplinaires et interdisciplinaires.Belgian member of the European Union SystemicAwareness of the complexity of the society in which we live exacerbates the need to find tools, methods, epistemology for understanding the functioning of phenomena around us and so to act.Systems and Organizations-S & O is an association created in January 2006, bringing together systemicians backgrounds disciplinary, multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary.


SDN Systemic Design Network [54]
SDRNThe Systemic Design Research Network is a
cooperative educational society founded in 2011, organized by a standing
committee of four co-organizers as listed above. The aims of the SDRN
are currently:

  • To advance the practice of systemic design as an integrated discipline of system thinking practices
    and systems-oriented design
  • To plan and convene an annual international symposium , Relating Systems Thinking to Design (RSD)
  • To advance the knowledge, theory, and publications in the domains of systems-oriented design and
    industrial and social systems design methods in systemic practice.


SCiO Systems and Cybernetics in Organisation Ltd (SCiO) [56]
SCiO is a group for systems practitioners based in the UK, but has members internationally.
Two features distinguish SCiO from other systems groups: it is focused primarily on systems practice and practitioners rather than on pure theory and it is focused on systems practice applied to issues of organisation.
It has three main objectives:

  • Developing practice in applying systems ideas to a range of organisational issues
  • Disseminating the use of systems approaches in dealing with organisational issue
  • Supporting practitioners in their professional practice


SESC Systems Engineering Society of China [21]
AMSS AMSS is a national comprehensive academic research center of mathematics and systems science. The strategic objectives of AMSS are to make important, original and pivotal research results, and to bring up academic leads and talents in the field of mathematics and systems science, gearing the research to the international scientific frontiers and the national strategic demands. The target of AMSS is to make a great influential research center in the world, a famous training center for advanced researchers, and an important researching and consulting center for national economy and the construction of national defense issues in the field of Mathematics and Systems Science.


WCSA World Complexity Science Academy [49]
The World Complexity Science Academy (WCSA) is a social and cultural no-profit organization committed to the diffusion of scientific knowledge inspired to the systemic approach.The WCSA has also the purpose of promoting the meeting and the co-operation among the scholars.
Consistently with this purpose, WCSA organizes periodical national and international Conferences and supervises specific and scientific publications. The WCSA is a meeting place for scholars from very different disciplines inspired by the systemic approach.The WCSA aims at creating a constellation of research projects and publications to empower a wide horizon and knowledge intensive strategy to let science successfully cope with the key challenges of our times concerning economical development, ecology, radical innovation and biotechnology.