International Academy for Systems and Cybernetic Sciences (IASCYS)

The IASCYS  ( was founded in 2010 by the IFSR and has since shown a healthy grows. It now comprises more than 50 members. The IFSR cooperates with the IASCYS in all relevant fields of System Sciences.
IASCYS fills the gap resulting from the failure of national and international academies of sciences and arts or Learned Societies (as the British call them) to include systems and cybernetic sciences in their list of sciences and arts supposed to have their outstanding professionals included in academy membership, despite the fact that the contributions of systems and cybernetic sciences are enormous and are backing many achievements in other sciences and real life practices.
While the traditional disciplines of science focus on their selected parts of the given reality of life and science and consider them from their more or less narrowly selected viewpoint/s, the systems and cybernetics theories and practices deal with a holistic world-view by enabling interdisciplinary creative cooperation leading to insight into synergies and mastering of the processes and attributes of the given reality of life that the traditional sciences fail to cover.
IASCYS’ three  main purposes  are:

  • to honor very distinguished authors in this area –
  • to make the movement towards of systemic behaviour stronger, because it can offer an essential help to humankind that needs now less one-sided  behaviour to overcome the current crises.
  • to influence the current civilization.

The current president of the IASCYS (March 2017) is  Prof.  Stuart  Umpleby,
the Secretary General is Prof. Pierre  Bricage
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