The IFSR publishes successfully the following documents:

  • Journal of Systems Research and Behavioural Science (ISSN 1092-7026), the official scientific journal of the IFSR, edited by Michael C. Jackson, published by Wiley  since 1984 (
  • International Series on Systems Science and Engineering, IFSR’s book series, established in 1985,  published by Springer, New York,  Editor in Chief: George J. Klir (1985-2017), George Mobus (since 2017 ) (
  • IFSR Newsletter: the formal newsletter of the IFSR (hard copy: ISSN 1818-0809 online: ISSN 1818-0817), published once or twice a year since 1981,  edited by Paul F de. P. Hanika (1981-1985), Robert Trappl (1985), Steven Sokoloff (1986 – 1994), and Gerhard Chroust (since 1993), see
  • IFSR web-site ( informing the world about the Federation’s activities, web-master Gerhard Chroust
  • Proceedings of the  IFSR Conversations, taking place every other year since 1982, convening 25 – 40 systems scientist from around the world to discuss systemic issues relevant for the mankind, society and the environment
  • IFSR News Flash: a frequent informal announcement of activities and events of IFSR’s members, sent electronically to subscribers and VIPs of the IFSR.