Currently the IFSR in engaged in a quality project led by Nam Nguyen:
Project Title: Improving the ‘quality’ of the IFSR for its member societies
Project Team: The Executive Committee (EC)[1] of the IFSR
Project Coordinator: Dr Nam Nguyen (a Vice President of the IFSR)
Project Co-Investigators: Professor Ockie Bosch, PhD Candidate Kwamina Banson, PhD Candidate Tuan Ha and the Think2ImpactTM Team
Project Duration: September 2015 – April 2016
Project Aim and Objectives: The overall aim of this project is to improve the ‘quality’ of the IFSR for its 44 member societies and their members. The specific objectives of this project are:

  1. to identify the barriers and drivers towards improving the IFSR’s quality (the issue under consideration)
  2. to develop a systems map (big picture) of the issue under consideration
  3. to identify the leverage points and systemic intervention strategies in the system
  4. to develop operational plans for implementing the systemic intervention strategies
  5. to implement some of these plans (#4 above)
  6. to reflect on the plan implementation (#5)
  7. to integrate, share lessons and new innovations amongst the systems societies in the world

[1] President: Dr. Gary Metcalf; Secretary General: Prof. Dr. Gerhard Chroust; Vice-Presidents (VPs): Dr. Stefan Blachfellner; Dr. Mary Edson; Dr. Nam Nguyen