Journals: Systems Research and Behavioural Science Merge

IFSR Newsletter 1997 Vol. 16 No. 4 December
I am delighted to announce the merger of the two journals Systems Research and Behavioral Science. Behavioral Science was founded 42 years ago by Jim Miller and has successfully championed, over the years, the cause of behavioral science and living systems theory as interdisciplinary approaches to the study of all levels of living and non-living systems, Behavioral Science is the journal of the International Society for the Systems Sciences (ISSS) and has a particularly strong presence in North America. Systems Research was founded as the official journal of the International Federation for Systems Research (IFSR – of which ISSS is a member) some 14 years ago. It has been edited by John Warfield, Gerard de Zeeuw and, recently, myself and has sought to publish papers which show an interdisciplinary perspective. IFSR has a membership of 27 national Systems societies. Systems Research, therefore, has an international readership with a particularly strong subscription base in Europe and Australasia. It is a natural development organizationally, and in terms of the respective strengths and interest of the two journal, that they should merge to form an outstanding, world-class, systems journal support by the experience and resources of the respected publisher John Wiley & Sons.
Systems Research and Behavioral Science now has United States editors, Jim Miller and Albert Harrison, as well as the United Kingdom team of Amanda Gregory and myself. The journal will be published six times a year and you can be sure that you will be reading in it the best work currently being produced in systems thinking and practice.
We are offering a strengthened product which can help take systems ideas into a future in which they will exercise the significant influence on research and practice which we all believe they should.
Professor M.C. Jackson (Editor -in-Chief)

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