Creating a Purposeful Virtual Community: Fuschl Conversation 1998

IFSR Newsletter 1998 Vol 17 No. 2 June
Olov Forsgren, Lars Albinson, Magdaleva Kalaidjieva, Elohim Jimenez, G.A.Swanson, Yon Pil Rhee, Mike Bazewics
Based on the spirit of Fuschl Conversation, we have noticed that is might be convenient from now on to involve other people in our discussion as we intend to tackle one or another of the very difficult and complex problems that mankind is facing at present. An involvement of that kind may be implemented through the constitution of an information system as an indispensable tool for organizing systemic actions aiming at improving the human conditions here or there.
This information system ought to allow us to cope with conflicting situations arising from the different views that the potential stakeholders may create when interpreting the actual circumstances and their visions about the way such circumstances may evolve in the future. In our conception of an information system we consider that the stakeholders should constitute a Purposeful Virtual Community (PVC) willing to sustain conversations and learn how to deal with every aspect of the problems chosen for being
tackled. Any of these aspects would be considered a topic.
Any topic to be dealt with should be determined by the members of the PVC.
Knowing that the members of the PVC will not be physically present we must find ways for assuring that the debate is relevant and that new members may be accepted without too many disturbances. We must also take care of situations generated when critical decisions are made or deadlines ought to be exerted.
The proper handling of ethical, ecological criteria must support our system and its manifestation must be determined and improved by the PVC.
How to implement the design and development of the system were discussed. It is possible to build the system within a private organization. The success would provide the basis for extending its use to the community level by obtaining funding through public grant, which will facilitate introduction at societal level.

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