The Goals of the IFSR

IFSR Newsletter 1999 Vol. 18 No. 2 July
Approved by the IFSR Board at it’s founding Meeting in June 1980 in Vienna, Austria

  • Strengthen the programs of member societies by their involvement in the program and network of IFSR. (Social Learning Goal)
  • Facilitate (encourage) the development of Systems science in countries in which such programs do not yet exist or are now developing. (Membership Development)
  • Develop – Implement – evaluate IFSR level programs to meet the purposes of IFSR; to advance systems science. (Synergetic Goal)
  • Identify inventory system science relevant resources, acquire those and make them accessible to member societies. (Resource Development Goal)
  • Make contribution to the larger (global) scientific community and be of service to improve the (global) human condition and enrich the quality of life of all. (Global Mission)


  • Österreichische Studiengesellschaft für Kybernetik (Austrian Society for Cybernetic Studies)
  • Society For General Systems Research
  • Systeemgroep Nederland

IFSR Newsletter 1999 Vol. 18 No. 2 July

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