IFSR Conversation 2008, Fuschl, Austria

The Fuschl Conversation 2008
“Systems Research and Education”
will take place in Fuschl from Saturday, 29 March – Thursday, April 3, 2008.
at Seehotel Schlick,
Seepromenade 35
5330 Fuschl am See, Austria
Tel. +43 6226 8237, Fax.+43 6226 8237-12
http://www.seehotelschlick.at (only for contacting the hotel directly! email: office@seehotelschlick.at)
The Fuschl 2008 Conversations will – to a large extent – be the continuation of the Conversations held until 2004, taking into considerations the outcome of the Fuschl Conversation 2006.
Five topics are planned for the Fuschl 2008 Conversation. Note that depending on the response by our members, changes will be made. This could be both an expansion and a reduction of the topic.
At the moment the IFSR is working on the detailed structure of the Fuschl Conversation.
Participation is by invitation only !
The General Topic of the Fuschl Conversation 2008 will be

Systems Research and Education
For details see:

Call for Papers, Fuschl Conversation 2008 (changed!)
Rules and Application Form:
Application Form 2008 and Rules
Schedule and Deadlines for Participants :
Schedules and Deadlines

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