IFSR Newsletter 2007 Vol. 25 No. 1 December

Dear Members!
The IFSR had a successful year 2007. The President’s letter provides many details of what we achieved in 2007. At the meeting of the Executive Committee in Tokyo in August 2007 we reviewed IFSR’s current situation and made extensive plans for the future.
In the second half of 2007 we have completely renewed the IFSR Web site (http://www.ifsr.org) and also moved it to a new provider, the Austrian Computer Society. I will act as Webmasters, which means that many of my activities as Secretary/General, as Editor in Chief of the Newsletter and as Webmaster can be performed hand-in-hand with less risk of duplications and discrepancies.
In March/April 2008 we will organise 3 key events:
The Board Meeting on Wednesday, March 26 (the invitation is enclosed) and a IFSR-Day similar to the one of 2006, but this time not looking into the past but looking into the future. The largest event obviously will be our bi-annual Fuschl Conversation which will take place in the week following our Board Meeting (i.e. Saturday, March 29 to Thursday April 3). Join us at these events!
As usual you find your Newsletter on our Web site (http://www.ifsr.org) together with past Newsletters.
A Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year 2007
Gerhard Chroust
Table of Contents

  • Presidents Address: IFSR’s activities and programs (Matjaz Mulej) …2
  • A new Website for the IFSR: http://www.ifsr.org …4
  • IFSR-Day at EMCSR on March 26th, 2008 …5
  • Hotel Schlick, Fuschl, IFSR Newsletter 2007 Vol. 25 No. 1 December

    Hotel Schlick, Fuschl, IFSR Newsletter 2007 Vol. 25 No. 1 December

    14th Fuschl Conversation 2008…6

  • Steps in the Fuschl Conversation …7
  • Call for Participation Fourteenth Fuschl Conversation …9
  • Application Form (Fuschl Conversation 2008) …11
  • Rules for Fuschl Conversations (Fuschl Conversation 2008) …12
  • News from Our Member Societies …14
    • Welcome Heinz von Förster Society! …14
    • 3rd Heinz von Förster Congress 2007 …14
    • EMCSR 2008 …14
    • 51st Annual Meeting of the ISSS …15
    • 52nd Annual Meeting of the ISSS “Systems that Make a Difference” …15
    • Wittgenstein Symposium …16
    • Berliner November …16
    • New Books …16
    • Our Member Societies …17

IFSR Newsletter 2007 Vol. 25 No. 1 December