IFSR Newsletter 2013, vol. 30, No 1 (December 2013)

IFSR Newsletter 2013, vol. 30, No 1  (December 2013) is now on-line!
click here to read: IFSR NL 2013-1
Its contents is

President’s Message (p. 3)
IFSR Activities planned for 2014 (p. 4)
IFSR Conversations Past and Future (p. 5)
What is a conversation?  (p. 5)
A Brief Background on the Fuschl Conversations  (p. 6)
The IFSR Conversation 2014 (p. 8)
A short History of Linz (p. 9)
Conference Reports (p. 10)
Mayor of Hai Phong visits Vienna and the IFSR (p. 10)
2nd Conversation of the Extreme South (p. 11)
Modes of Explanation: Affordance for Action and Prediction (p. 13)
9th. HSSS National & International Conference (p. 13)
2013 ASC conference: Acting, Learning, Understanding (p.  15)
ISSS57 Viet Nam, ISEE-U Taiwan and the launch of WELTribe (p.  17)
UES/EUS Seminar: The post-industrial societies dealing with complexity  (p. 18)
KSS2013: Knowledge and Systems Sciences, (p. 18)
Reports from IFSR member societies (p. 20)
International Institute Galileo Galilei (p. 20)