IFSR Newsletter 2015, vol 32, No 2 (December)

sunset-2015Dear Readers!
I want to thank our Guest Editor, Silvia Zweifel from Argentina, for putting this NEWSLETTER together: It is devoted to Latin America and the systems activities there. As can be seen, many activities of wide interest take place there, but at times they do not receive the necessary attention.
You will also find two very important announcements in the Newsletter: the next IFSR Board Meeting is taking place on April 2, 2016, and our 2016 IFSR Conversation, April 3 – 8, 2016. A report on the IASCYS Conference in Chengdu, China, completes this issue.
With IFSR’s best wishes for a successful New Year.
I remain yours truly
Gerhard Chroust     
Table of Contents

GUEST EDITOR’s Introduction
SYSTEMS Sciences in Latin America

ARGENTINA-Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
GESI – Integrated Systems Study Group Asociation
ARGENTINA & URUGUAY – Buenos Aires & La Paloma, Rocha
ARGENTINA – Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires.
ITBA (Tecnological Institute of Buenos Aires) – SDC (System Dynamics Center).
ARGENTINA – Rosario, Santa Fe
CEI – Center of Interdisciplinary Studies, National University of Rosario.
ARGENTINA – Santiago del Estero.
IIGG – International Institute Galileo Galilei.
BRAZIL – Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul.
Socioanalysis, a diagnostic device for intervention in organizations …
BRAZIL – Pelotas, Rio Grande do Sul
SBSP – Brazilian Farming Systems Society.
PERU – Lima
IAS – Andean Institute of Systems
Latin American Systems Communities.
Latin-American Chapter of the System Dynamics Society
ELAPDIS – The Latin American School of Systems Thinking and Design
Events of particular interest in Latin America.
The Conversations of the Extreme South – 3rd Edition.
ELAPDIS 2015 – Annual Meeting

IFSR Business.
18th IFSR-Conversation 2016   (April 3 – 8, 2016, Linz).
2015 IASCYS-Conference in Chengdu