Malik Institute is a new member of the IFSR!

Welcome to the Malik Institute as a member of the IFSR!
We are proud to announce that the Malik Institute has become a member of the IFSR effective November 1, 2016. We are looking forward to an intensive cooperation with the Institute.
Malik Institute is world-wide known for its holistic and modular management solutions for companies and organizations in the public sector and 40 years of management education in the top management.
Together with the IFSR the Malik Institute intends to pursue the following aims:

  • Collaborate with international experts in the systems field and other members of the IFSR
  • Enhance the fields of systems and cybernetics sciences
  • Apply systems thinking and systems tools in education, training, research
  • Maximize governance effectiveness and enable organizations to transform themselves in order to excel at a time of great challenges and rapidly accelerating complexity
  • Accelerate the intelligence, creativity, expertise, and experience of all people involved in solving any big and complex problems
  • Make a contribution to the functioning of organizations and a functioning and humane society

The headquarter of the Malik Institute is located in St. Gallen, Switzerland.
You find more details on
The main contact point is a former Vice President of the IFSR:
Dr. Nam Nguyen
Director Australia and Southeast Asia
Malik Management Zentrum St. Gallen AG
T +61 (0)423 506 901

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