IFSR-International Series on Systems Science and Engineering relaunched!

The International Federation for Systems Research (IFSR) is re-launching its Springer published Book Series in Mathematics/Computational Science & Engineering: “Systems Science and Engineering” (see Springer Series 6104 and Publications). The relaunched Series will solicit high quality monographs, edited collections, and textbooks that focus on research in areas of Systems Science and Engineering with the intent of making systems science, literacy, and thinking available to all involved in formulating the future of humanity.
We aIFSR-BOOK-Series-coverre particularly interested in book proposals that demonstrate the integration of subjects across disciplinary lines within the system sciences, such as showing relations between cybernetics and hierarchy theory and other fields (see list below). Topics of great interest include complex adaptive and evolvable systems (CAS and CAES such as the human social system). Relevance to the human condition and sustainability would be particularly interesting, but need to be evidence based. The research topics can be either theoretical or applied (e.g. action research) as long as they are transdisciplinary. The ideal proposal will provide both quantitative and qualitative explanations that allow those with strong mathematical backgrounds to absorb the quantitative aspects but also allow those with more qualitative interests to gain substantial insights into the work. We want the knowledge in these books to be broadly accessible to a wide audience as it will take such a broad understanding to affect change in the world.
Editor in Chief mobus-george_smallof the Book Series is:
Prof. George Mobus, Institute of Technology,
University of Washington Tacoma

Some examples of subject areas are:

Systems Science and Engineering Areas of Interest:

·         Complexity Theory
·         Network Theory
·         Hierarchy, Holarchy, and Panarchy Theories
·         Dynamics
·         Emergence and Evolution
·         Modelling (System Dynamics, Agent-based, Dynamical Systems, etc.)
·         Computational Intelligence and Learning Systems
·         Systems Analysis and Synthesis

Application Areas:


·         Biological & Ecological Systems
·         Human Social & Organization Systems
·         Economics
·         Management & Governance
·         Methodologies (Applied Systems Science or Engineering)

Call for Authors and Editors

The IFSR, as the sponsor of this ambitious but essential enterprise is seeking authors and Editorial Board members who can subscribe to the vision of the Book Series in its hopes of putting systems science and engineering in the center of education and progress toward the future of humanity.
If you are interested in either an editorial board position or authoring a book in the Book Series (or both), please se
nd an e-mail stating your research area
and the nature of your interest in this series to George Mobus.