Publications, 1981

IFSR Newsletter, 1981, No. 1, Autumn
Maturity of a science is reflected not only in the quality and quantity of material but also the extent to which means for its dissemination have been developed. Here the Wiley/ IIASA International Series on Applied Systems Analysis, soon to reach 20 volumes leads the field. Abacus Press is busy with the Cybernetics and Systems Series, edited by J. Rose, for graduates and interested laymen. A newcomer, lntersystems Publications has already made its mark by bringing its Systems Inquiry Series to some 12 volumes in as many months (at prices as low as $9.95), edited by B.H. Banathy and G.J. Klir).
Even more significant, perhaps, are the publications brought out by the scientific societies themselves such as the Year Book Series produced by SGSR and SN respectively, and the series of Reports published by the ASCS, now num- bering more than 20, which in the main cover research, commissioned and /or carried out by the Society. In addition, there are quite a few thousand pages of Proceedings published by the societies, as well as the constant flow of quarterly journals, i.e. Behavioral Science (SGSR), Cybernetics and Systems (ASCS) and SYSTEMICA (SM) the latter in Dutch.
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