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IFSR Newsletter 1982 Vol. 2 No. 3 Summer
This quarterly publication will commence to appear under the PERGAMON PRESS imprint late 1983/early 1984, the launch of a quality publication requiring adequate lead time. A (condensed) summary of editorial policies now before the board may interest potential contributors and subscribers.
In accepting papers for “SYSTEMS RESEARCH”, strong referee attention will be given to satisfying reader requirements of both professionals (persons whose careers heaVily involve systems work or research) and interested parties (persons who do not have career involvement in systems, but who may have such involvement in the future; or persons whose primary career activities lie in another field, but who wish to take advantage of published systems work to improve their own minds or to amend,- their career situation in some way). The former (professionals) require excellent content and relevant subjects, while both professionals and interested parties benefit from carefully edited, clear presentations. Clarity of writing will be a major factor in manuscript acceptance. Considerable rewriting will be a normal expectation for accepted manuscripts.
Every effort will be made to attract outstanding authors to publish in “SYSTEMS RESEARCH”, and stress will be laid upon the following points:
a) Stringent, thoughtful, constructive reviews by well qualified referees.
b) Acceptance of a low percentage of submitted manuscripts.
c) Editorial insistance on high quality prose and clear graphics, wich can be read and understood by a majority of readers.
d) Editorial insistance on placing a manuscript in historical perspective, showing how it fits into the general corpus of knowledge, or – when appropriate – how it is opening up a new area of investigation. Furthermore, it is intended to publish once a year a special issue organized as follows:
a) There will be one primary paper, normally invited, and typically chosen to solidify a new or growing research area where a synthesis appears useful.
b) Additional papers will be written as discussions are stimulated by the primary paper. The additional papers may be either supportive or critical of the primary papers.
c) The special issue will be edited by a Guest Editor, with the cooperation and general supervision of the Editor-in-Chief.
The Editorial Board will be international and every effort will be made to make “SYSTEMS RESEARCH” attractive to new members, including developing nations; this aim will find expression by including in the journal topics of particular interest to potential new members.
Over all no effort will be spared to try and make “SYSTEMS RESEARCH” a journal wich will be considered by systems professionals, over times, to be the best Systems Journal in the world.

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