Need for Systemic Thinking in the Information Society

IFSR 1998 Newsletter Vol. 17 No. 3/4 December
Matjaz MULEJ
Univerza v Mariboru
PO Box 180 (EPF)
SL-2000 MARIBOR, Slovenia
During IDIMT’98 conference in Zadov, Matjaz Muley offered the following definition of an Information Society:
An information Society is:

  • Based on continuous innovating along with lots of Traditionalism
  • Based on immense quantities on knowledge along with lots of illiteracy
  • Based on network of networks along with lots of door locks
  • Based on democracy (political, economic, at home) along with many dictators and jails
  • Based on entrepreneurship and progress along with growing joblessness
  • Based on worldwide peace along with lots of atomic etc. weapons
  • Based on political and natural stability along with abuse of power and nature
  • Based on very quick development along with leaving 80 % of mankind aside
  • Based on supply .. demand along with very bad life of + 50 % of mankind

Conclusion: We are either systemic or dead!

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