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IFSR Newsletter 2006 Vol. 24 No. 1 November
In its founding constitution the IFSR stated that the overall purpose of IFSR is to advance systems research and cybernetics (C&S) and systems application and to serve the international systems community. Among the ways to attain this purpose, establishing associations mentioned. One of the aims was:
Defining and promoting standards of competence in systems research and systems education;

A specific means to achieve this aim could be to establish an International Academy of Systems and Cybernetics Science.
In the draft bylaw of the Academy the following concepts are included:

  • The overall purpose of Academy is to provide a forum for persons professionally excelling in System and Cybernetics Research on a distinguished level such as authors of S&C theories with wide acceptance, members of academies of sciences and arts, distinguished laureates, established and/or long-time leaders of S&C Associations, etc.
  • More specific purposes are:
    • Promote Ludwig von Bertalanffy’s concept that systems thinking is a holistic world view and methodology supportive of this world view (by working against over-specialization)
    • Provide an open, international and multi-cultural forum for the advancement of knowledge in the field of S&C research, education and practice;
    • Provide a network for S&C research presentations and evaluations;
    • Provide publication outlets for high quality research on S&C;
    • Disseminate information and provide benchmarks for the assessment of S&C education and professional training;
    • Support young researchers in the field of S&C and promote the creation of international networks for doctoral education on S&C;
    • Foster a broad variety of methodological approaches and research issues in S&C research, and encourage cross-fertilization between approaches and research traditions;
    • Develop an agenda of innovative research topics and promote the establishment of collaborative research networks in S&C and by application of S&C;
    • Honour the most distinguished S&C professionals.
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