Systemics for Process Cohesion (Volos, Greece), July 2013

Hellenic Society for Systemic Studies (HSSS)
9th. HSSS National & International Conference
Systemics for Process Cohesion
11 – 13 July, 2013, Volos, Greece.

in collaboration with the University of Thessaly
Xenia Volos Hotel,

Volos is the newest of the Greek port cities, with a large proportion of modern buildings erected following the catastrophic earthquakes of 1955. It includes the municipalities of Volos, Nea Ionia and Iolkos, as well as smaller suburban communities.
The economy of the city is based on manufacturing, trade, services
and tourism. Home to the University of Thessaly, the city also offers facilities for
conferences, exhibitions and major sporting, cultural and scientific events. Volos
participated in the 2004 Olympic Games, and the city has since played host to other
athletic events, such as the European Athletic Championships.

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