VIII WCSA CONFERENCE, Nov. 14-16, 2018, Rome



From Prof. Andrea Pitasi, PhD and the the  World Complexity Science Academy



European Parliament, Rome Office

14, 15, 16 November 2018

Dear Colleague,
as the current president of World Complexity Science Academy, I am delighted to introduce you the CfP of our 8th Conference “Presidential Panel “ scheduled in the European Parliament in Rome at mid-November 2018. The conference is titled Turbulent Convergence, Digitalization and Supranational Lawmaking of the European Union for Economic Development and Social Equality in the Global Player Scenario.
As you can easily imagine, the research and policy areas involved in our program deal with strategic steps of the next EU evolution both in its internal and foreign affairs in an age of turbulent nationalisms and populisms, which are small hurdles if the EU policy goals are clear and great. Conversely, these small hurdles could grow bigger and bigger if the EU policy goals are not very clear and mid-long-term shaped.
I am honoured and pleased to share with you this CfP which specifically applies to the presidential panel in which I will be serving as a panel organizer and eventually, but maybe not, as a panel chair.

In case you are not interested in this panel but you are in the conference at large please find also attached the Conference general call.
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