Call for Presentations: Active and Healthy Ageing Workshop (July 22- 29, 2018, I …

The demographic changes, especially in the Developed World, make aging one of today’s growing concerns that needs to be addressed systemically. The aim of this workshop is to discuss ways in which Active and Healthy Aging (AHA) can be achieved to ensure a sustainable and caring society. Support for AHA should compensate for more or less insufficient capabilities of older peoples. This is a highly interdisciplinary challenge which involves practically all domains of life: physiology, medicine, psychology, social sciences, society, technology, logistics, infrastructure, architecture, economics, etc.
In this team workshop we want participants to present, short presentations on any of the following topics

  •  Investigate the (positive and negative) impact of the various domains on the life of aging persons, analyze approaches to resolving negative impacts and strengthen positive impacts in the various domains identify synergetic and conflicting developments across the domains, suggest strategies to at least Mitigate and perhaps synergestically resolve current and future conflicts between potential strategies.
  • Identify strategies to strengthen the resilience (or even anti-fragility) of seniors.
  • Identify future research activities inside and outside of ISSS

This workshop is a follow up of from IFSR Conversations being held in Linz in April chaired by Gerhard Chroust and Shankar Sankaran. A summary of the conclusions from the conversations will be presented at this workshop.
We would like prospective participants to provide us with a short abstract identifying their topic and its importance to the topic of the workshop.
Please submit this abstract at and indicate that this will beat the Active and Healthy Ageing Workshop.
If you have to enter the name of a SIG please use “Health and Systems Thinking”.
We look forward to engage with you on this important global concern.
Shankar & Gerhard

  • Shankar Sankaran PhD PMP®
    Professor – Organisational Project Management, School of the Built Environment, University of Technology Sydney
  • Gerhard Chroust  Dr.
  • Prof. emeritus – Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria
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