SDS (System Dynamics Society) joined IFSR

The IFSR is proud to announce that SDS (System
Dynamics Society ) has joined IFSR as a member.
IFSR now has 46 members.
The representative of  SDS to the IFSR is Eliot Rich (

The System Dynamics Society

The System Dynamics Society is an international, nonprofit organization devoted to encouraging the development and use of System Dynamics and systems thinking around the world. The Society provides a forum in which researchers, educators, students, consultants and practitioners in the academic, corporate and public sectors interact to keep abreast of current developments, build on each other’s work and introduce newcomers to the field.
Our constituency is international, multi-faceted and diverse, affording members numerous occasions to build both local and international associations. With members in over 75 countries, the System Dynamics Society provides a strong, unified voice supporting the advancement of System Dynamics. Members are able to stay on top of developments around the world by reading the cutting-edge research and applications of System Dynamics published in the System Dynamics Review, attending the annual conference ( Additionally, local Chapters and Special Interest Groups allow for more frequent face-to-face and electronic meetings.
A short slide-show is presented annually at the international conference. This presentation includes an overview of a few items: System Dynamics Evolution, the System Dynamics Society, Society Activities, Products & Publications, and How You Can Participate. It is available at

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