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The Ushuaia Initiative

IFSR Newsletter 2012 Vol. 29 No. 1 September Ricardo Frías, Ricardo Barrera, Enrique G. Herrscher The first “Conversations of the Extreme South” were organized by the National Universities of Tierra del Fuego and of Patagonia… Read more »

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Proceedings of the IFSR Conversation 2010, Pernegg, Austria

“Systems for Education, Engineering, Service and Sustainability”: Proceedings of the Fifteenth IFSR Conversation SEA-Publications: SEA-SR-28 Institute for Systems Engineering and Automation Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria ISBN 978-3-902457-28-8 Welcome to the IFSR Conversation 2010! Like… Read more »

Team 3: Learning Systems for Sustainability, IFSR Conversations 2010

Proceedings of the IFSR Conversation 2010, Pernegg, Austria Alexander Laszlo,Kathia C. Laszlo,Stefan Blachfellner,Thomas Fundneider,Victoria Haro,Enrique G. Herrscher,Hellmut Löckenhoff,Johannes Pfister,Regina Rowland,Susana Herrera Conversation Topic: Designing a meta-system as a vehicle for enabling dialogue and collaboration among… Read more »

The Ice Cream Model

IFSR Newsletter 1991 No. 2 (28) Enrique G. Herrscher San Martin 551 – piso 4″ Otic.44 1004 Buenos Aires, Argentina A model showing how the incorporation of parts into a larger entity enhances their value… Read more »

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The Tide-Wave Model

IFSR Newsletter 1989 No. 3 (23) Summer Enrique G. Herrscher San Martin 551, Piso 4°0fic. 44,1004 Buenos Aires, Argentina Is change something that just “happens” or can we produce it? Should we concern ourselves with… Read more »

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